Glycolic acid, do its properties help us age better?

Glycolic acid is present in many of the cosmeticsserums above all, What do we use for the skin? From the age of 35 it is important that you include this product in your beauty routine, since the moisturizer alone will not be enough. But, although hyaluronic acid or collagen surely sounds familiar to you, you may not know how glycolic acid can help you. A component that has beneficial properties so that aging is not an unstoppable sprint.

It improves skin texture

One of the main properties of glycolic acid is that it achieves exfoliate to the deepest layers of the skin. This has advantages, such as improving its texture. Perhaps you have noticed that due to age, the skin is not as smooth and has irregularities. This can be solved with the use of a product that contains glycolic acid, although you will need to use it frequently to see the results.

remove stains

Another problem associated with aging is the appearance of spots. This has a lot to do with the lack of skin protection from the sun. But, not only in summer, also in winter. Although behind the clouds you do not see the sun, this does not mean that the ultraviolet rays they are not impacting your skin. They do and, in the long term, you can begin to see the consequences in the form of spots or solar lentigines.

Wrinkle creams are ideal for preventing the appearance of premature lines.

When these spots appear, it is essential to act as soon as possible. Due to the deep exfoliation offered by glycolic acid, you will achieve a notable improvement in the skin and it will regenerate. In the initial stages, the spots will go away quickly, but if there are some that have been with you for years, don’t worry. You will need more patience and perseverance to start seeing the first results. In these cases, it may be necessary for you to resort to some complementary treatment indicated by a dermatologist.

minimizes wrinkles

“The wrinkle is beautiful”, does it ring a bell? It is true that a skin with expression marks, but healthy, can look very good. But there are wrinkles that can be so deep that if you don’t stop them they can be uncomfortable. One of the effects of glycolic acid is the minimization of wrinkles thanks to that exfoliation that we talked about before and the collagen stimulationanother remarkable property of this acid.

It stimulates collagen production

Why is it so important that you have a product in your hands that helps you increase collagen production? Well, because from the age of 30 your body no longer produces it in the necessary quantities to maintain that young and smooth skin that you enjoyed in your 20s. It is normal, it is part of the aging processbut you can put a stop to it or delay its consequences as much as possible with glycolic acid.

From the age of 30, the loss of collagen in the skin begins to be evident.

Now you know how this product can help you maintain the beauty of your skin. Although, remember that your habits They will also influence You can be constant with the application of this product, but if you smoke, for example, or don’t eat well, in the end your skin will end up reflecting it. You can’t fool her. Therefore, do not forget to take care of the interior, at the same time that you use products like this one that you have just discovered.

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