Four easy hairstyles for your Christmas dinners

December is coming, which is probably the month with the most events of the year. Company dinners, meals with friends, Christmas celebrations and the culmination, the New Year’s Eve party. With so many commitments, it’s easy to run out of ideas when it comes to fashion and beauty.

For this reason, we want to propose four ideas to give a special touch to your look with easy and very fast hairstyles to do, a perfect way to give ‘glamour’ to the next parties. They do not need heat or have a lot of skill, and they are all done in less than ten minutes. Stand in front of the mirror with a comb and… Go for it!

collected with braids

The only skill you need to do this updo is knowing how to do root braids. The result is a beautiful and romantic updo that you can do in just a few minutes and it will last intact all night. Also, you don’t need to use heat, iron, or curling iron.

To start, part your hair in the middle. Beam two root braids Have them pick up each section of hair, one on each side of your head. When we have all the hair collected in these two braids, we join them by rolling them to make a bow at the nape of the neck. With a rubber band, we hook the bow and press well. We leave you a video on TikTok that perfectly explains the step by step, made by @cintia.makeuupp.


If you prefer to have part of your hair down and show off long hair, but you don’t want the strands to end up on your plate, this is your best option. For this updo you have to separate your hair with a parting in the center. Next, take the top strands on each side and secure them into a ponytail back. For a perfect finish, add fixing gel and comb the hair root well.

Once you have the two mini-pigtails done, one on each side, gather them at the back of the head, uniting them in a single ponytail. Turn it inside out and you will have your semi-collected.

The perfect low bun

For those who do not want to complicate life, a low bun is a very easy hairstyle which can be very elegant. But we can’t do it just any way. There is a very simple way to get the perfect bow quickly and very showy.

We take all the hair and make a low ponytail, without finishing passing the hair through the rubber band. We place the tip of the hair up and then we turn the bow inside out. It will only be left to hold everything with a rubber band, even better if it is a scrunchie that matches your look for the night. In case you have not finished understanding it, we leave you a TikTok that explains it perfectly.

Loose hair with a special touch

This last idea works for long and short hair alike and is a perfect way to give it a different touch to loose hair. First, we part it on one side and, starting from the hair part down, we take a finger-width parting. We can help each other sharp end of a comb to make it easier. Once we have this part separated, we make a ponytail. We take another partition and repeat the process as many times as we want.

Ana Mena with a black top and skirt set

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