Decorated black nails: the 5 manicure styles that will be a hit this spring

There is no middle ground with dark manicures: You either love them or you hate them. However, it seems that they are managing to gain more and more followers, as it is one of the trends that promise to be a hit this spring, taking into account how much they are requested in beauty salons. Beyond the classics completely black nailsthere are endless possibilities when it comes to designs with this color.

Minimalist styles, inverted French, ‘aesthetic’ drawings, everything is possible to wear fashionable manicure. Although, in this sense, the trends are mixed and we can also boast of black nails, but elegant like the glazed ones that Hailey Bieber made fashionable. Thus, we give you examples so that you can find some inspiration.

'Glazed nails': Hailey Bieber's nail trend

French manicure ‘black and white’

The French manicure is one of those classics that never goes out of style and although, in its most traditional version, it respects the natural colors of the nail, opting for white and pink, there are very original alternatives in black. Without going further, a black and white design that stands out for being elegant, as well as being very versatile, since it offers all kinds of possibilities when it comes to combining nails with clothes.

Black Glazed Nails

Everyone has been wearing them in the past few months, but nail polish They promise to continue giving a lot to talk about, reinventing themselves through colors like black. Wearing a dark manicure, but at the same time having that ‘milky’ effect that has caused all the rage, will be a constant throughout the spring, as it is constantly requested in beauty salons. If your intention is to do it at home, you will need the famous chrome powder, with which this pearl finish is achieved.

minimal line design

Those who are looking for an original manicure, but not excessively flashy, will find the perfect design in the minimalist figure drawings. Lines, points, waves… Creativity will be your best ally in this sense and you can choose only the color black or opt for a combination of colors, in which there is room for white, pastel tones or even a glam touch with glitter.

all to shine

Indeed, black nails and ‘glitter’ They are two compatible terms and capable of fitting together perfectly through all kinds of drawings. In this way, you can bet on painting a single nail with a nail polish that has glitter and stands out from the rest or give this glow finish to the entire manicure in full. In any case, the result will be a success.

Mix of finishes: gloss and matt

It is a fact. The mate has been imposed on the glossy finishes for many people and, in the case of black nails, it achieves an effect that is as wearable as it is sophisticated. Some even go further by mixing both textures and opt for a kind of French in which the shine stands out on the upper part of the nail. It is a technique, yes, for which some skill is needed, if we are looking for the perfect manicure.

French manicure with inverted details

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