Collagen, why is it important and when to incorporate it into the beauty routine?

Is collagen present in your daily beauty routine? In general, we tend to start looking at collagen-rich creams when our skin has already lost firmness. This can occur at menopause, for example, since the estrogen deficit accelerates aging, according to what they say in Dermatological alterations in menopause.

However, it is true that it is always interesting bet on prevention. Before the first wrinkles appear, it is advisable to take measures to reduce expression marks, for example. The goal is to slow down those consequences that age has on our skin. Therefore, collagen is a protein that we need and crucial in your facial routine.

Why is collagen important?

Collagen is important because it represents 25% of the total protein in our body and the percentage destined for the skin is 50 – 70%. We must prevent this figure from falling.

Success is in the combination of facial masks.

But what does collagen do in our skin? If the consequence of its loss is a lack of firmness, its function is to keep the tissues that make up our dermis together, in addition to ensuring its hydration. But this is not all. Collagen also contributes to that firm and smooth complexion that we want so much when the years begin to add up.

When to incorporate collagen into the beauty routine?

It would be very interesting to incorporate collagen into our beauty routine. from the age of 30. It is here when it begins to be noticed, since the loss really occurs before, around the age of 25. But, it is at 30 when this lack of firmness begins to become evident. Obviously, it is not as pronounced as at 40-50, but something changes.

The loss of collagen in these ages is of a 1% per year. In addition, when we are close to 40 years old, if we have not taken care of our skin, the consequences will be evident: lack of firmness, wrinkles, dryness… The situation becomes more complicated when menopause arrives, therefore, if you are 30 years old Don’t wait any longer to use collagen in your routine.

Collagen cream, serum, supplements… what do I choose?

Taking care of what we eat is essential so that the health of our body is reflected in our skin. But sometimes this is not enough. Age does not forgive and we must help our complexion to stay young The most time possible. We deserve it!

A serum rich in collagen is the best option at age 30, since this is an element that is usually absent at an early age. But, at this moment we need an extra hydration, a concentrated product that, combined with the daily cream, enhances its effects.

Exfoliation is essential to achieve a skin free of impurities.

From the age of 40, not only the serum will be important, but also a cream with collagen. We are approaching the age at which our body will stop producing enough collagen (it will not reach that 50% minimum) and, although now it only decreases by 1% each year, if we do not take care of our skin the consequences will be evident in the short term. .

Also, there are masks to apply on the face rich in collagen. An opportunity to pamper ourselves twice a month to offer our skin an extra bit of this protein. But, supplementation can also be interesting after the age of 40. However, we recommend that you discuss this with your doctor first.

The lack of firmness and elasticity can overwhelm you, but if you take care of your skin you won’t have any problems. It is true that genetics matter, as well as good habits (smoking does not help). But if you are constant in the application of your creams and serums, the results will be positive.

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