Cate Blanchett dares with the most rejuvenating bangs that triumphs in all hairdressing salons

cate blanchett, at 53 years old, is still one of the most desired actresses on the big screen, and a benchmark for many in terms of fashion and beauty. Her haircuts are most inspiring, as the actress has always known how to choose modern, on-trend and flattering styles for your face type.

If a few weeks ago we were delighted with your nape bob cuta cut at the nape of the neck, has now surprised us, at least for a few hours, with a slightly more drastic and very trendy change: a curtain fringe.

The actress has decided to include bangs in her look to go to the New York Film Festival, where he presents his latest work. Cate went to New York to present tarthe new film in which he stars. In this ‘film’, Blanchett plays the director of a prestigious European orchestra, a performance for which, according to critics, she could qualify for an Oscar nomination.

For the premiere of this film, Cate Blanchett has chosen a ‘total black’ look, made up of palazzo pants and a blouse, which stands out for some huge ruffled sleeves, stitched in white. Her beauty choice completes the look: a low bun finished off with blonde curtain bangs.

Penélope Cruz at the premiere of 'En los márgenes', in Madrid

Trendy bangs perfect for your features

Although it seems that it could be false bangs, which the actress has chosen exclusively for the occasion, the truth is that it is a look that It is very flattering to your face. Thanks to the different lengths of the bangs, it is a hairstyle that manages to bring softness to strong features like those of the actress. In addition, since this cut softens the face and refines the features, it has a huge rejuvenating effect.

Long, airy and tousled, these bangs are perfect for short hair, ‘bob’ style, like the one Cate wears. The sides of the bangs have a length that gradually lengthens and ends up merging with the hair, so that is integrated and natural on hair with a medium length.

Cate has chosen to combine this curtain bangs with a swept back, gathering the rest of her hair in a low bun. If, when it comes to wearing our hair up, we leave our bangs loose, we will achieve that this frame the face, thanks to the locks that fall to the sides. This look will highlight our features in a delicate way, without hardening the features of our face.

Berta Vázquez during the experience of 'the summer of yes'

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