Beauty trends that we have seen at Milan Fashion Week: from mermaid hair to ‘piercings’

If the fashion shows in Milan are known for something, it is because they leave no one indifferent. Italian designers are known for their bold and eye-catching creations, such as the Gucci or Versace collections. However, we must not put aside their beauty proposals, which are just as irreverent.

If in fashion the maximalism and risky designs are the norm, in the ‘beauty’ theme we find striking colours, surprising textures, elaborate make-up, cuts with a lot of movement and unusual accessories that end up gaining the same prominence as the garments they present.

Italian catwalks do not sell dresses or jackets, they sell an aesthetic, a lifestyle only suitable for those people who are not afraid to be authentic and stand out from the rest. Definitely, they sell a brand image.

Roberto Cavalli.  Spring-summer 23

We have slipped into the most important shows of Milan Fashion Week to bring you the latest in beauty trendsthose hairstyles and makeup that we will not stop seeing this summer in the most daring women.

1. Mermaid manes

Blumarine.  Spring-summer 23
Blumarine. Spring-summer 23

Blumarine, the culprit of bringing back the fashion of the 2000s, proposes a beauty trend that we are going to embrace with open arms. With the release of the new movie The little Mermaid in ‘live action’, the long hair inspired by the red-haired princess will flood the promenades. The Italian firm offers us XXL long hair (helped by long extensions) with surf waves and mini braids.

2. White eyelashes

House Margiela.  spring-summer 23
House Margiela. Spring-summer 23

Whenever we have made up our eyelashes they have been black or brown, although on some special occasions we may have given them a touch of pink or blue, but Maison Margiela reminds us that white is the color of summer. In her fashion show, we saw several models with this color on their eyelashes and, like the white ‘eyeliner’, it achieves open and illuminate the look.

3. Bobs with movement

Armani Emporium.  Spring-summer 23
Armani Emporium. Spring-summer 23

Although Marta Lozano has given up her long hair in favor of the ‘clavicut’, the Italian catwalk has spoken: the bob cuts will be the ones that will dominate the spring-summer. But it’s not worth anyone. Now we can forget about the iron so as not to stop using the round brush, because next year the thick waves with a lot of movement They will be the ones that dominate the ‘street style’.

3. Red gloss

Moschino.  Spring-summer 23
Moschino. Spring-summer 23

The latest trends in makeup have led us to juicy and natural lips in which lip oils and glosses were essential. Although during this summer we have worn it transparent or with a pink touch, Moschino encourages us to combine them with a red lipstick for striking lips with a lot of shine.

5. With many layers

fendi.  Spring-summer 23
fendi. Spring-summer 23

2023 will be dominated by long and textured hair. Although this year has been marked by the trends of the nineties with hairstyles with a lot of volume, long layers and rounded ends, next summer we will see them with more short layers, a natural texture and ending in ‘V’.

6. ‘Piercings’

Act Nº1.  Spring-summer 23
Act Nº1. Spring-summer 23

Seeing ‘piercings’ on a catwalk is like seeing a narwhal in the sea, practically impossible, so if Act Nº1 has decided to include them in the presentation of his latest collection, it is what is serious. With all kinds of facial piercings, the firm focuses on the face so that we can decorate it to our liking.

Martha Lozano

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