Aitana’s multicolored manicure in the interview with Ibai Llanos who loves both generation Z and generation X

Aitana Ocana is in the spotlight this week. The young woman has started a new stage that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in her musical career. She just launched new project, Alpha Housemarked by a more mature and electronic style, and which he presented last Thursday in Madrid playing his own session as a DJ in a well-known nightclub.

In the early hours of this Thursday, Aitana has ushered in a new musical era, more mature and electronic, acting as a DJ and hostess at her own party, which she has called 'Alpha House'.

To present her new work, Aitana wore a transparent black dress with galactic braids with which she managed to leave the public speechless. However, the singer has surprised again with her last appearance in full promotion of the project, specifically in a chat with Ibai Llanos to which she has worn a look consisting of a white ‘tank top’ and a completely ‘denim’ jacket torn; although, without a doubt, what has really attracted attention has been the multicolored manicure which can be seen in the video of the interview of the well-known ‘streamer’.

Georgina Rodríguez on the poster for the 2nd season of 'I'm Georgina'

Aitana’s new manicure is characterized by being multicolored and being able to brighten up any look, now that spring has arrived. Basically, as can be seen, it consists of wearing one nail of each color (asymmetrically, that is, not in the same order on the other hand), and Aitana has opted for colors like red, blue, light pink, purple and lilac.

Aitana's multicolored manicure in her talk with Ibai Llanos
Aitana’s multicolored manicure in her talk with Ibai Llanos

This manicure, which can remind us of our childhood when we painted our nails colorful, is a trend among generation Z, however it has also conquered the older public who wants to give a different touch to their looks. As the G.Bar ‘nail artists’ explain, those who want a different alternative to the classic mono-color manicure can wear “one hand with one color and another with another color, or paint each nail with different shades of the same color , or even paint each nail a different color. Everything is valid to achieve a completely aesthetic style“.

Aitana's multicolored manicure in her talk with Ibai Llanos
Aitana’s multicolored manicure in her talk with Ibai Llanos
Instagram / @dvine_nails

Aitana’s manicure also has a special touch that sets it apart. And it is that, as can be seen in the video that the singer herself has shared with her hands, some of her nails are painted in a degraded effect. And, specifically, it is the work of a ‘beauty’ center called Dvine Nails, which has centers in Barcelona and Malaga. However, this ‘nail art’ can be easily recreated at home with different colors of nail polish.

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